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Consulting about
Russian Travel Market
If you just enter the Russian market, or want to have updated information of what is going on, you need consultants - people who would tell you information you need. Among the top managers of our company there are two people with more than 12-year-experience in Russian tourism on top positions in tour operating companies. Moreover, Baginet is the owner of Russian Travel Digest (, the only source of news of tourism business in Russia in English. Every week we communicate with key people in the industry - commercial directors and destination managers of tour operators, travel agency networks, online agents etc. If you have specific questions, it is better to ask them first by E-mail in order for us to investigate and to prepare detailed answers.

corporate style. Webinar room is also branded. Tests and surveys are conducted within webinar to make it more interactive. Videos and presentations can be shown. Average number of participants from 150 till 500 people. Later we provide detailed statistics, including e-mails of registered and participated visitors.

Sales Manuals and
We create Sales Manuals with detailed descriptions and pictures of hotels, tours, airlines, and cruises. Room plans, size, view, and occupancy for each room type. Working hours, cuisine, meal plan, and alcohol brands for the restaurants and bars. Type of water, size and quantity for the swimming pools.

Direct E-mails
We send direct e-mails to 47 000 travel agents (retailers) all over Russia, including all federal districts. You can choose to send to agents from one federal district, or to all agents. The text and the layout (in HTML) should be provided by your company (we also can assist with a simple layout in your corporate style). After sending e-mail, we provide detailed statistics with number of open e-mails, clicked links etc. Average open rate for Russian professional travel industry is 7% (due to many direct e-mails daily received by agents), we have up to 15-17% open rate. The e-mail can be sent from your company's address.
We send direct e-mails to 10 000 travel agents (retailers) such Russian-speaking countries as Ukraine, Kazakstan, Armenia, Belarus. You can choose to send to agents from one country, or to all agents. The text and the layout (in HTML) should be provided by your company (we also can assist with a simple layout in your corporate style). After sending e-mail, we provide detailed statistics with number of open e-mails, clicked links etc. Average open rate for Russian professional travel industry is 7% (due to many direct e-mails daily received by agents), we have up to 15-17% open rate. The e-mail can be sent from your company's address.

Sales Meetings
This one of the most effective marketing tool which allows you to bring the information about your product directly to potential customers. Acting on behalf of your company, our agents' coordinators make appointments with travel agents who fit your criteria (mass tourism, or MICE, or VIP, or networks etc.). You pay only for the real time of the meeting (excluding time for transportation), so called promo-hour. Each day you get detailed report where you see full contact information, short comments about the agency and their attitude toward your product / service. This is not cheap service, but absolutely worthwise! 80% of meetings bring signed contracts, at least 65% give minimum 1 booking. As an extension to this service, you get monthly report from our specialists with advices what to change/add in your agents' policy. We provide this service in Moscow and in other regions of Russia.

Sales Phone Calls
This service is better used following individual meetings, but can be also used separately. We have big database of travel agencies which is ranged by region (Moscow and other cities of Russia) and by type (only mass tourism destinations, or FIT, or VIP, or Mice). After each phone call we additionally send welcome letter to the agency (including presentation, terms and conditions, links to webinars, your web site etc.). Every week you get detailed report about each sales call, including full contact information and comments. According to our statistics, about 70% of travel agencies appreciate getting information about new product / tour operator etc., about 30% are ready for new cooperation and look forward to get more information from your side.

Sales Presentations / Seminars for Tour Operators
We organize on your behalf sales meetings with tour operators (wholesalers) to present them your product in details. The tour operator can ba chosen from your side or we can recommend those who might be interested in your product. The meeting lasts usually about 2-4 hours and consists of a seminar for tour operator’s employees for 20-60 minutes and detailed discussion with destination manager. We give all details about your tours /hotels, terms and conditions, agency policy etc. - everything you ask us to present to tour operator. We also bring with brochures, catalogues and other promotional materials of your company. After each meeting we give your detailed report with tour operator comments and full contact details. Later you can contact destination manager to agree about future cooperation and sign the contract.

Assistance on travel fairs, exhibitions and workshops
We can present your company on any travel fair or workshop in Russia (or another Russian-speaking country), working on your stand or assisting your employees there with Russian-English translation, answering questions of professional visitors, distributing brochures etc. We also might arrange in advance appointments with potential partners - travel agents and tour operators.

Hotel Awareness Survey
If you need to find out how tour operators offer your product (hotel, for example) to direct customers, you need to make examination phone calls on behalf of tourists and to listen the answers. After several conversations, you'll find out if your property is in priority for a particular tour operator or not; which hotels are suggested instead of yours (so who are your competitors); if you need to organize additional training for tour operator's staff. You pay for real phone calls, not for working days or months. At the end of the week you get detailed report with dates, times, names of personnel, and short description of conversation. You also can use this service to enter the market, looking at the situation with specific operator by specific product.

Writing and Editing for for Mass and Social Media
If you need to publish some news, or want to write an article about your product, we will be glad to assist you with a text in Russian. We have 5 journalists in our team with professional skills who are able o write both for print media and for radio: who know how to write for tourists and for professional travel agents. You have only to provide us with information and appropriate pictures.

Legal Services
If you are a big resort or a hotel chain, you might need professional lawyer to answer all complaints of tour operators / travel agents / tourists in accordance with the Russian law. You have to know that Russian court is in 90% cases on the side of a tourist, so you need to answer correctly to any question or problem solving. We provide you with a professional lawyer with 10 year experience in tourism who would prepare all needed documents, request information from your departments and prepare answers / papers. The same person will also assist your tourists in case they ask for requirements to the documents for legal marriage in your country.

Press Tours
If you would like to organize a press tour, we will assist you, inviting journalists who fit your criteria (TV, radio, print or Internet; for tourists or for travel agents; for women or families, or VIP etc.). We send invitations, then give you full details about the media and possible coverage they are ready to gve for a trip. After your approval, we send final confirmation to the media. We also assist with a program, giving advices how to make it better. After the trip we check all publications and send you detailed press report with links, texts etc.

Telephone Holds (advertising announcements)
Let customers (direct clients or travel agents) to learn more about your services and new tour products when they call you on the phone. We can record both welcoming messages and advertising texts which sound when clients wait on the line. We do recording from A to Z: writing the text in Russian, recording by the chosen voice and installing to your phone (both landline and mobile). You can choose your message to be recorded by a standard voice (fixed price), or by one of a popular voices (for a supplement fee).

Familirization Trips for Travel Agents
If you would like to organize a separate fam trip for travel agents from Russia (or for small tour operators), we assist you with invitations (sending by database of 43.000 travel agents), organization (we would give advices how to make the best trip based on our 12-year experience), and even the escourt (if needed). We would choose travel agents on your criteria (from Moscow or from regions; bestsellers or newcomers; sellers or directors; focused on specfic product or mass destinations).

Market Researches and Surveys
If you plan to enter the Russian market or to expand your business, we suggest to start with investigation, if tour operators and travel agents are ready to cooperate with you and under which circumstances. We choose 10-50 companies who suit your criteria and prepare detailed information about them and their willingness to operate on your destination. Full contact details are included.

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BAGINET is PR & Consulting agency specialized in tourism and travel. We are good in promotion of hotels and DMCs on the Russian market, offering such services as webinars, e-marketing, media relations, individual meetings with travel agents, organization of familirization trips. We also offer legal services, our lawyers have big experience in legal matters in tourism and travel.