Sales Manuals and Presentations

Sales Manual for Provanse Hotel

Presentation of a small hotel in Russia, situated in 150 km from Moscow. Hotel has many facilities for conferences, seminars, corporate events, and weddings. All of them are presented in photos with detailed description.
Year - 2018

Sales Manual for Nana Princess 5*

Hundreds of photos of the luxury resort with detailed description of each room type, as well as all hotel facilities. Presentation also includes logos of co-brands of cosmetics, spa equipment etc. to show the greatest service for each hotel guest.
Year - 2018

Sales Manual for Kanika Hotels

Detailed description with photos and logos for each swimming pool, restaurant, and bar in each of four Kanika hotels on Cyprus. Answers to most popular questions of travel agents and tourists are now in one book, which is good both for showing on PC or on larger screen.
Year - 2017

Sales Manual for Atrium Hotels

Three hotels on 83 pages, including answers on all questions which can ever be asked by tourists, like Internet and safe box charges, working hours of restaurants and bars, menu, infrastructure etc. Room size and occupancy are shown in pictograms, beach type is shown as exact picture of the sand. All rooms pictures are accompanied by room plans. More than 500 Russian travel nets already have downloaded this brochure for future references.
Year - 2017

Sales Manual for Mitsis Hotels

One of the largest hotel chain in Greece, Mitsis Hotels, is easy now to be booked. Detailed room descriptions together with room plans and clear pictograms as well as scheme of bars and restaurants, follows the map and comparison table of Mitsis Hotels. As a nice feature, the standards of Mitsis Hotels are formulated. About 800 travel agents from Russia are using this manual as reference book.
Year - 2017

Sales Manual for Clubs SALUT!

Popular hotel animation brand is presented in the sales manual with includes detailed characteristics of animation, daily program for different categories of clients, and photos of activities. Hotel infrastructure, restaurants, swimming pools as well as room descriptions are also presented.
Year - 2016

Sales Manual for High Beach Hotel

Sales Manual includes the pictures of all essential infrastructure places, as well as short but useful information. The presentation contains pictures and description of each room type. We created not only the layout, but also collected information about hotel infrastructure and room types
Year - 2016,2017,2018

Sales Manual for Louis Hotels

One of the biggest hotel chain in Cyprus and Greece, Louis Hotels has different categories of hotels, divided into three collections. The idea was shown on the general scheme of collections, accompanied by maps. As usual, the detailed descriptions of rooms, restaurants, bars, beach, and kids facilities is provided. Additionally, the information about Spa services is given, including the cosmetics brands.
Year - 2017

Sales Manual for Kipriotis Hotels

Full information about Kipriotis Hotels on Kos island is now available in 60-page sales manual in Russian language. As it is already used among travel agents, pools, beach, restaurants, bars and rooms are shown in big pictures and with detailed description.
Year - 2017

Presentation of Featured Hotels of Activities Tour for Acti Tour Russia

Presentation includes not only pictures and short description of featured hotels, but also information about flight program of the tour operator. We created the layout and collected pictures and relevant information about the hotels. The same presentations are made for other Greek destinations of the tour operator.
Year - 2016

Company Presentation for Baginet

Let your presentation to give your partners and clients the most relevant information about your company in details. Less pictures, more infographics - this is the modern trend!
Year - 2016

Company Presentation for Russian Travel Digest

The presentation of online newspaper, Russian Travel Digest, gives short information about each type of published articles. It also has statistics shown in diagrams and infographic.
Year - 2015



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