Printing Materials

We cooperate with one of the most reliable printing house in Moscow which offers different type of printing formats, paper, etc.

Please note the following:

Execution period is from 1 week depending on the volume. Be aware that printing houses start printing only after full payment. Printing office does not work on weekends and public holidays, so the payment should arrive on working day beforehand. Although, printing can be done even on weekends, if it is needed to be printed on time.

Layouts should be prepared on professional software for editing and be sent in the formats for printing. Printing house might ask additional fee for changing of your layout into professional format.

Delivery of printed materials is not included in printing cost and should be paid additionally. Printing houses are usually located outside Moscow or far away from the centre. You need to calculate about 90 euros for delivery (regardless, if you order only 10-50 small leaflets). Brochures can be sent to your representative, or tour operator, or directly to the exhibition.

When you place an order for printing, do not forget to mention all specifications:

- type of paper - matt or shiny, (for example, matt 200 g)
- format / size (for example, 627 mm x 295 mm
- color (for example, 4+4)
- quantity (for example, 500 pieces)
- additional services, like folded, stamp production, stamping

Some examples with prices:


$490 00
  • size 280*140 mm in plano, 140*140 mm folded
  • print 4+4
  • paper coated, matt 200 g
  • after printing actions: stamp production, stamping, 1 fold
  • number of copies 300 pcs.


$4560 00
  • size 290*230 mm
  • number of pages: 44 pages + cover page
  • paper type for block: 90 g/m2, matt, art paper, 4+4 + matt water-dispersible vanish 1+1
  • paper type for cover page: 170 g/m2, matt, art paper, 4+4 + matt water-dispersible vanish 0+1 + matt vanish 1+0
  • Fastening: 2 braces on the side 290 mm
  • number of copies: 3 000 ps.

To order printing or to ask the price, please write to Natalia Klimenok at



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